Tips for using decorative vases

Vases have been in use for the last few centuries as one of the most refreshing and decorative pieces. They are still being used even in the modern days, where they are used for holding flowers. Apart from this, they are the best pieces of decoration. You can use vices to entertain your guests and homeowners. Many people have been using them as decorative centerpieces for their homes or offices. The tips discussed below will guide you on how to make maximum use of vases.

Consider the important factors

You can always buy vases if you do not have some at your home or office. Some of the important factors that you need to consider when purchasing a vase are size colour and shape. This will guide you in buying the best type of vases. Types of the available vases include wood, glass, metal and ceramic vases. The design of your rooms will also determine the type of the vase chosen. The theme should match well with your room decor.

Decorative pieces

Are you interested in putting a different vase from the one chosen? Doing this will make your table or room look interesting. Some of the decorative pieces that you can put in your vase include marbles, stones, roses , seashells, old coins, dried leaves, and colourful buttons. Small items should be placed in a transparent vase. Besides, you can still opt to use another vase as part of your additional decorative pieces.

Types of flowers

Some flowers cannot fit in a vase. The size of the vases will determine the flowers that can be put in them. The vase having a big mouth and a narrow base is used for those flowers that have big petals such as dahlias and lilies. On the other hand, narrow vases are ideal for the single stem flowers such as roses and sunflower.


Other creative creatures

Apart from the ideas discussed above, there are other creative ways of arranging your vases. For the modern look and style, a few vases should be lined up on the table. These faces lined on the table should be of the same shape, type, size, and colour. In addition to this, you can give your table a romantic theme by placing some candles beside the vases. Creative ideas are helpful in decorating a room. All that you need to do is to utilize your imagination and creativity by coming up with creative and unique home decoration ideas.